Sunday, January 25, 2009


The holiday season was great! I was feeling really good (for the most part) and much more energetic than in the 1st trimester. My appetite was rather...hearty...which is good right around Christmas, I guess. :) I finally started gaining weight, and while on Christmas break, I "popped" and started looking quite pregnant! Managing my bloodsugar was a challenge (as being diabetic at Christmas always is), but with a lot of monitoring, lots of bolusing for food, and lots of compensating for exercise (even a walk in the snow drops my bloodsugar a LOT more now than it did pre-pregnancy), I made it through relatively unscathed! My husband and I definitely enjoyed our last Christmas with no baby, but are REALLY looking forward to next Christmas with a new baby! So exciting!

During this week I also tried pre-natal yoga. Keeping active has been a bit of a challenge for me because I had such low energy-levels during the first part of the pregnancy, and so little time between my work schedule and my increased sleep schedule! I enjoyed the yoga, but found it a bit hard to adjust to compared to the yoga I’m used to. (There are a lot of variations in poses to keep both me and the baby safe and comfortable.) Walking has been the best exercise for me for the most part (when it hasn’t been too cold out). Many women find that they can keep quite active during pregnancy if they’ve been active before they get pregnant, but some (like me), do find their energy levels greatly reduced, particularly during the 1st trimester. (Plus, I generally find it much more difficult to be active in winter than in summer, so that’s not helping either.) The best advice is to do what you can…and the further I get in my pregnancy, the more I find I’m able to do.

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